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Blaine thanks for opening up the discussion. We are excited to explore ways of expanding the fun and the audience engagement in hydro sports.

In answer to question one: One of the possible modes of competition that we would like to initially explore, is the use of obstacles that can be used as references or the basis for tricks. We have developed a shape that we are calling a Jaxx, an inflatable six legged self righting large object. We have already done some initial experimenting in Florida and Thailand. The use of an obstacle/object brings a different approach to flying, you have to plan more and and interact with something semi-rigid. This makes it more like the evolved board sports that we have grown up with. There are more requirements and “risks”, in order to take a close line, it requires commitment and knowledge of where your board and your hose will be. The risks are mitigated by the use of an air filled structure, RIB boat material construction, it is hard, but can deflect and has a low physical mass, it moves if you or your jets hit it. You can do a conventional trick next to an object and the commitment can be judged by proximity, too far away and it was played too safe, too close and you will get swatted. Or you can physically interact with the object, with a hand touch or a pivot, handplants may be possible, layback cutbacks are possible, looping through and flipping the obstacle are possible. As time goes on we rely on the riders to explore the possibilities and define new tricks.

Our approach is based on session philosophy, each rider exploring the options and attempting new maneuvers, inspiring the rider after him or her to try the same or evolve another direction. In this approach we feel there is no one better qualified that the riders themselves to judge the level of commitment, risk and technical execution of the other riders. The concept of judgement by peers, fellow riders, we feel is worth exploring until (as a sport) we have enough experience to have a dedicated judging class and standardized rules. For now we think it fits with the attitude we would like to see advanced, riders flying and experimenting and being involved in the process.

Any thoughts on how we can enhance this process or possible pitfalls, let us know what you think.
Jaxx by X-Jets

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