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HI, I’m Jim, a 68 year old retired guy in Rhode Island, USA. My somewhat younger buddy got a ZR Flyboard this spring and we have been having a ball. Having been active in watersports his whole life, his learning curve was a lot steeper than mine. I had never tried any watersport. When I saw this on TV and YouTube, I knew that I wanted to try it. Finally getting the hang of it but loved it from first backward fall.

My friend has is proficient enough to use the EMK. I’m not there yet but am the techie guy for its operation. The EMK was professionally installed by the Yamaha dealer. It is linked and calibrated correctly and the jet ski responds correctly. There is a issue however and I have had not much luck finding information other than others have had the same problem. I hope this board can help so here goes.

At random time intervals while using the EMK, the jet ski will shutdown causing the flyer to fall into the water suddenly. Not fun and a bit unsettling. Been doing this since first use. We haven’t used it again until recently after programming the brain from scratch. Still cuts out. All functions work correctly and we use fresh batteries. Does anyone know what is causing this and more importantly, how to correct it?

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