2013 Flyboard World Champion – Suksan ‘Liw’ Tongthai

Welcome to the Pro Flyboarder Profile page of our 2013 World Champion Suksan ‘Liw’ Tongthai. Suksan is from Bangkok, Thailand and when on land he skateboards but during the 2013 Flyboard World Cup Suksan Tongthai displayed his board skills high above the water. He raised the bar, literally, throwing most of his sick routines 30+ feet in the air. It was evident right from his insane qualifying run that Suksan was there to win it. It became clear to everyone in the crowd and his fellow flyers that it would take a very special run to beat this young phenom. He flew with ‘swagga’ and total control, a winning combination that was echoed beyond the judging panel by the competitors and Flyboard Family members that were dockside.

This page is Suksan’s Pro Flyboarder profile page on H2RO Magazine. It’s where future interviews and background info on our Champ will live.

To check out all of his competitive runs in the 2013 Flyboard World Cup visit Suksan’s Flyboard World Cup page.

Blaine and Suksan Tongthai

 Suksan’s Round of 8 run was one of my personal favorites of the entire competition from any flyer… Enjoy!

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