X-Jets (aka Stratospheric Industries), researches, designs and builds hydro jet systems such as X-Jetpacks, Falcon Jetpack, JetBlade and Jetblade Scorpion. Driven by a passion to create the most incredibly cool experiences on the planet, Strato pushes the limits and takes nothing for granted.

  • X-Jetpack NX

    In 2014 X-Jets launched with their revolutionary H3X X-Jetpack, the world’s first Jetpack to sell for under $10K. They are now delivering a refined, increased performance Jetpack, the X-Jetpack NX. They have upgraded key sections of the Jetpack system, increased the diameter of the power system for more flow and engineered and built refined connections and securing systems.

    X-Jets Catcher’s Mitt

    The X-Jets Catcher’s Mitt is a flexible way to keep your head from going backwards too hard.

    Strap Pockets

    New for the NX, injection molded strap ends and convenient strap end pockets to keep your Facebook hero (or H2RO) shots looking clean.

    X-Jets Strap Pockets

    Composite Saddle

    Keeping your legs from swaying side to side is the number one key to stability and comfort. We developed the biggest advancement in Jetpack comfort in decades. Our composite saddle provides control and stability without even thinking about it.

    316 Stainless Steel Hardware

    316 (aka W5) Stainless steel is the grade designed for salt water ocean use. Wec use it everywhere there is hardware and a tight strong, rust resistant connection is needed.

    Plunger Pin Speed Clamps

    Pull the pin and open the jaws. Custom made by Stratospheric, our “big pin” Plunger Pin Speed Clamps hold it all together.

    X-Jets Plugger Pin Speed Clamps

    Custom Safety Release

    316 Stainless Steel, custom designed and built by Stratospheric. Holds you in and yet releases with one swift pull.

    Front Flotation

    Front flotation helps guide the rider face up in the water.

    X-Jets Front Flotation

    Double Trussed Seat

    A double welded sandwich of marine grade alloy has been added to the seat of our X-Jetpack for more in the air goodness.  We also raised the weight capacity and provide an upgrade path for eventual tandem seat saddles.

    Injection Molded Strap Locks

    X-Jets injection molded strap locks have seen an upgrade making them easier to tighten and easier to open.

    Torsion Bar

    X-Jets Torsion Bar

    Ball Free Straps

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a single strap running through your crotch is the last thing anyone needs. The Strato time tested “ball free straps” run two straps inside your legs leaving your delicate parts unmolested.

    X-Jets Double Trussed Seat

    For current pricing please visit the X-Jets Jetpack page.

  • Jetblade

    X-Jets introduces their revolutionary Jetblade. An under foot hydroflight board that takes the hydroflight experience to next level.

    Durable Marine Construction. Starting from the back of the jet ski and working forward, here is what makes an X-Jets system solid.

    • – Compatibility with all wakeboard boots and bindings.  There are some awesome boots out there, why limit yourself.
      We build a modular system that allows you to choose the right binding for you. Choice is good.
    • – Sport design for pure action and enjoyment of flight.


    Dual Row Bearings

    Dual row sealed bearings under each foot, Stratospheric brought this construction to the hydroflight world back in 2012. This is the way to harness the power and keep it smoothly under control. Clean power, durable and easy to maintain.

    Adjustable Stance Width

    Adjustable stance width. People come in different sizes and we build for them all. Stance widths from 38 to 42 centimeters. Rails allow limitless positioning. Ergonomic and more like the other boards you ride.


    Stubby Nunchuks

    Quad grab bars, aka stubby nunchuks, modified hydrophilic Nylon. Free your feet and open the doors to new directions in movement. Indy Jets. Takes out the “board” and the boredom at the same time. Grab ‘n go.


    TriDro Nozzles

    TriDro Tube nozzle design, straight down for power, induced flow five degree kick for stability. Pure directed power with intelligence in design. Look at the flow. Clean, powerful, no shudder breaks.


    Rotomolded Floats

    Durable High Density rotationally molded, marine foam filled floats. Flotation with style and low drag in the water. Visual harmony, safety backup.


    Hydro Shaped Y

    Hydro Shaped Y tube computer designed and engineered to provide a clean powerful flow of the jets. Compact power with focused triangulated jets to stabilize and balance.


    Super Clamps 316

    Super durable “Super Clamps” dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.


    Torsion Bars

    Jetblade nylon torsion bars allow linkage of the foot platforms.  For the old schooler’s getting used to the new reality. Torsion allows very limited twist with return to center.


    For current pricing please visit the X-Jets Jetblade page.


    The X Hydro Channel delivers power, efficiency, resilience and control. Handling 300+ horsepower and thousands of liters of water moving at 70+ miles an hour is not a lightweight task and the X Hydro Channel is certainly not a lightweight solution.

    Tension X Sleeve

    Takes the load pressure and reduces the hose waves that can impact the jet ski. The Tension X Sleeve give the most secure linkage between the power channel hose and the jet ski bow.

    Dubai Jetblade Demonstration

    Super Clamps 316

    Super durable “Super Clamps” dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.


    Adapter, Focused Power

    CNC cut flanges on gravity cast aluminum marine grade alloy. One adapter per brand of jet ski keeps mounting tight and clear.


    Speed Clamp Technical Advert

    When we came to play, we brought serious metal. These clamps are designed by us for real world hydro jet usage. Big fat strong pins lock things together and open with ease. All marine grade 316 stainless steel.


    Silicone U 180 Redirect

    Thick reinforced silicone rubber U takes all the force of the water and smoothly turns it 180 degrees to where you can fly with it. Power in a refined technical package.


    CNC Cut Flanges

    We built it the best way possible, extruded 6061 heat treated alloy, CNC machine cut for perfection and hard anodized for corrosion resistance. Custom designed hose barbs, made for hydro.


    LeMans Hose

    Triplex weave polyester high tensile strength custom woven sock provides the unbreakable strength that you can count on to pull the highest, windyest tricks and not have to worry. We tested to the extremes with the hardest riders torquing and twisting the hose in new directions.


    For current pricing please visit the X-Jets Hydro Channel Page

  • Nozzle Bearing Dis-assembly and Re-assembly

    Jetblade Torsion Bar to Nunchuck Conversion


    In addition to these video tutorials you may be interested in this article written by Aquafly who are a current X-Jets Distributor and former Zapata Racing Flyboard Distributor. The article looks at the Jetblade versus the Pro Series Flyboard.

  • (This chart is under construction and will be completed soon)

    Board Weight 10.1 Kilos / 22 lbs 8.43 Kilos / 18.6 lbs 4.55 Kilos / 10 pounds
     Max Dimensions 690L x 220W x 274H (mm) 690L x 244W x 250H (mm) 690L x 244W x 250H (mm)
     Independent Feet
    (Heal to Toe)
     Yes (Full range of motion)  Yes (Full range of motion)  Yes (Full range of motion)
     Side to Side Pivot  No  No  No
     Total Major Components  15  9  15
     Total Part Count, major, screws, bearings, seals, etc.  199  179  145
     Tools needed for disassembly  Hex key 5mm  Hex key 5mm, Hex key 4mm  Hex key 5mm, Hex key 4mm, Hex key 3mm
     Hardware Material  Full 316 Stainless Steel (W5)  Full 316 Stainless Steel (W5)  Full 316 Stainless Steel (W5)
     Bearing System board  Delrin, Acetal bearings  Delrin, Acetal bearings  Delrin, Acetal bearings
     Bearing Service Difficulty  easy   easy   easy
    Built in Handle No No No
    Intended Rider Level All All Expert Only






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