Located in Redding, California USA, Jetavation Inc was started in March 2012 by Robert Innes as a sister company to Innespace Productions, manufacturer of the amazing Seabreacher. Rob and his team continue to create exciting and unique experiences like the following:


“Ride the Hose”

The Jetovator is a new experience in aquatic flight. A Hydroflight product that offers the acrobatic capabilities of an aircraft with the simplicity of riding a bike. The Jetovator allows you to quickly transform your standard personal watercraft to create a totally new three-dimensional riding experience. Attach your connecting hose, and thrust adapter, to any high-output Sea Doo, Kawasaki or Yamaha jet ski and get ready for the time of your life.

The Jetovator has the capability of flying up to 30 feet in the air and diving down 10 feet below the water. You can fly at speeds of up to 25 mph and can perform aerial stunts such as barrel rolls and back flips! The Suspension Landing Gear option allows experienced Jetovator operators to take off from, and land on, docks or boats decks.

Thousands of people have learned to safely ride the Jetovator, each usually flying comfortably after only 10 minutes. The ride can be very mild or very wild, so it is fun for all skill levels.

The company recently released the first tandem Jetovator which is the first tandem hydroflight device in the world.


Interested in flying with Jetavation Inc? Check out their distribution network for your closes opportunity.

Posted by Jetovator on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The JETOVATOR FF: Freedom Flyer

The Freedom Flyer brings the excitement of hydroflight sports to wheelchair-bound or disabled athletes around the world. Inspired to provide the men and women that have been wounded in combat with the opportunity to fly it quickly became clear the experience is fun for all.

Sitting comfortably in the chair riders can control their flight with their arms. Jetavation Inc introduced the product to a select group at the first Wounded Warriors event and now the experience is available for purchase by the public.


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